Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester is now Spark!

Power of Play in Rochester

“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, then when we are at play.” –  Charles E. Schaefer

From the time we’re born, we learn, explore, and dream through play. It leads us to develop new skills, connect with others, and learn to build teams.

“The power of play is profound in the development of a child,” says Rochester Public School District Superintendent Michael Munoz. “When playing, learning occurs naturally because it encourages exploring and imagination.”

Science has shown that there is power in play. Though it’s often seen as just being “for fun,” play is a critical activity that children use to begin relating to and interacting with the world around them and helping them develop the skills they’ll need to become successful, achieving adults.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester supports the importance of play as part of childhood development, but would you believe this research also pertains to us, as adults?

Play is not just for kids. No matter what your age, play makes us more creative and critical thinkers, increases our confidence and coordination, and fosters a stronger sense of place and pride in our communities.

“Museums are experts at cultivating the powers of play and creating experiences for people to learn,” says Heidi Mestad, executive director of the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester. “We are excited that the museum is here to complement traditional education in Rochester and are proud to offer experiential learning opportunities that do not otherwise exist locally.”

Check out this video about the “Power of Play” – and help us spread the word to others so, together, we can create a community that celebrates play for all.

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