Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester is now Spark!

campaign_photo_twoBy Jean Marvin

Education should be everywhere and lifelong. The Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester has made it a priority to provide everyone in our city – from toddlers to grandparents – with a fun and engaging place to play, connect, and learn together.

Rochester has long been an innovative city with a foundation in science and medicine and an appreciation and passion for the arts. To sustain that innovation, we need to grow and enhance spaces for our youth to explore and question concepts that are familiar as well as those that are foreign to them.

With each visit to the museum, I am reminded of the way learning occurs there; it complements education that takes place in classrooms throughout our school district and reinforces the hands on, project based approach that inspires critical and creative thinking.

Although the space is called a “children’s” museum, it continues to provide education for all ages. The museum is a wonderful demonstration of how attention can be refocused away from television or social media and back to the physical world around us. It provides a space for children to interact with each other and for families to connect.

If you’ve visited the Children’s Museum of Rochester, join me in working to sustain and expand it. If you haven’t visited yet, it’s never too late to discover this incredible institution.

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